Related Societies

The International Journal of Biological Markers (IJBM) is proud to be affiliated with the Organisation for Oncology and Translational Research (OOTR).

OOTR is a non-profit international organisation that conducts Translational Research in the Asia Pacific region, formed in the year of 2002 by Dr. Louis Chow, a Hong Kong-based breast cancer specialist and Dr. Masakazu Toi, a Japan-based surgeon-oncologist. One of the main objectives of OOTR is to promote sharing of cancer research between Asian and international investigators, and to create hope in the fight against cancer.

OOTR has now gathered medical professionals from different countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, United States and Hong Kong to work together in Translational Research. OOTR also regularly shares the concept of Translational Research and new treatment strategies with clinicians and scientists at international medical conferences. OOTR hopes that, through these vital exchanges, new thinking and discoveries will give rise to faster and better ways to fight cancer.